DELIVER IT COURIER SERVICE will make it much easier, and much more affordable, for you or your company to send one or many more packages to the same location. What’s better is that we can guarantee SAME DAY delivery!*

Here’s how we do it……

Our competitors charge the same rates for each and every package.
What D I COURIER SERVICE will do, is charge you the original price for the first box, then each additional box, going to the same location, will be charged at HALF PRICE!!!* Thats how DI COURIER SERVICE, will save you CASH!

Now, if you or your company decides to use our services on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, we can offer additional savings.

DELIVER IT COURIER SERVICE would like to give you a FREE estimate, with no obligations.

Let our team of professionals help you save money.

Contact Us

DI Palmdale: (661) 485 6036

DI Texas: (254) 290 6246

DI Lancaster: (661) 206 7717