Freight Service

Saving your company money…

In today’s market, companies are spending more than they should on their same-day and next-day local shipping.

My name is Kenny Arzate and I established Deliver It Courier Service in 2014. My goal was to provide a same-day courier and delivery company.

Being a former Fed Ex employee, I heard time and time again how expensive it is to ship multiple packages to the same location by the next day. Fed Ex and UPS charges for each package with different rates for different weights. As I was putting together my company, Deliver It, one of the biggest questions I’ve asked myself is how can I improve the delivery business and help my customer save money in their shipping cost.

Here’s what I came up with…

1. Save on local same-day shipping cost – How? Deliver It will charge you or your company one reasonable price to deliver one or multiple packages to the same location.

2. Light FreightDeliver It will transport your light freight between your sister company, deliver and pick up to or from LAX and/or just across town.

If you or your company is transporting their own light freight, how we could help you save money? You’re paying for your employees’ wages to make your deliveries. You’re paying for the cost of the vehicle, insurance, gas, and maintenance. Your employees are better served working in-house and be more productive for your company.

3. Law Firms – We specialize in retrieving documents from the Courthouse. We can deliver or fax copies of those documents to your office or home.